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Shivalik Ventures Private Limited, (Shivalik Ventures ) is a prime service provider in the field of slum rehabilitation. Government of Maharashtra (GOM) has launched an ambitious Slum Rehabilitation Project to transform the city into a multifaceted financial hub Mumbai.

The government aims to rehabilitate Mumbai’s over 8 million slum dwellers to well-designed, sanitised houses of their own. In order to make this dream come true, GOM has initiated this programme through Public Private Partnership (PPP) with private-sector companies having an earnest desire to social commitment.

Shivalik Ventures is one of the leading partners in this initiative. It has taken up the humongous task of rehabilitating Golibar, Santa Cruz East.

Shivalik Ventures owes its vision and social commitment to its CEO Mr. Ramakant Jadhav, popularly known as Raman Jadhav in the industry. His vision coupled with Unitech Group's technical expertise has helped Shivalik Ventures reach its current position. His commitment to Shivalik Ventures is purely philanthropic and has a well-designed commercial angle.

Shivalik Ventures , in its original structure as a real estate company, was started by Mr. Ramakant Jadhav and Mr. Prakash Ajgaonkar, its core business being development of slum land at Golibar since 2002, carried out extensive work in slums and has thus earned personal trust of the slum dwellers. The two founders were joined by Mr. Harresh Mehta & his team to form Shivalik Ventures in the present form. Recognizing the strong value proposition of the project, Unitech Group joined Shivalik Ventures along with its strong technical knowhow and project management expertise, financial backing, and corporate culture.


To transform the City of Mumbai into a world-class metropolis


Shivalik Ventures strives to transform the lives of millions of slum dwellers in the City of Mumbai and bring about their social upliftment.

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